2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Why are the rules being changed, rule number 2 did not read like that 2 weeks ago, we should have been able to put our boat in wherever after the start time, i would like to know what teams complained and what their vaild complaints were… it was to dangerous putting in at causeway and my safety was put at risk trying to get to where we like to fish. Even though our boat is the smallest in the club, safety should be a number one priority.

    • Adam, Sorry about that. Bob and I both agree with the core team members the leaving form ONE ramp is the best way to manage folks form going to other areas that they should not. I understand you guy’s would not break the rules, but as this club grows we are challenged with some folks that might go out of there way to do things they should not. With that said Next year I will most likely have a end of the year polygraph test. As for that day, the other teams with similar boats stayed on the other side and fished all day and YES safety is #1 and I understand if folks need to get off the lake, Sorry you guy’s left and we hope to see you soon.

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