2018 Tournament News

MEMBERSHIP FEE for 2018 = $30.00 per angler.


Last Tournament of the year coming up on 10/28. Can you believe this is almost over, it seems like it just started and we are getting ready to close it all out.  Well, a BIG Thank You to all that have fished with us in 2017 and I hope 2018 is even bigger. To all the Sponsors (THANK YOU) for everything you do to keep the club moving forward. Another thank you goes out to BRIAN for the Facebook page and keeping that going.  2018 will bring some additional changes to the schedule and format that will keep things interesting and alive.  Lakes will have a few new ones to fish , We will tighten up a few rule changes and add a few in 2018 as well. We will review some of these changes @ the END OF YEAR meeting on Nov, 4th @ Ravenna Marine so PLEASE make sure you come out and provide your feedback.  More details to follow.  See everyone soon, and be safe my friends.

Lake Milton 3 person Tournament  — RAMP CHANGE —  BACK TO POINTVIEW RAMPS.

Figured I would get an update out for the OPEN August tournament.  Pymatuning 6:30AM start and we will be launching from BIRCHES RAMPS. This is directly across from Duck & Drake bait and tackle shop. This is also a 3 person OPEN event. So come out and have some fun.  Don’t forget to support duck & drake bait and tackle. Tell Laurie your from NEOCC.


Bait Shop Needs :  Duck & Drake is our Sponsor so please stop in and see Laurie.   If you ask for 20DZ like bob and Bill you will get 30:)


Just a few comments about the Mosquito lake TWO day event.  Just wanted to say what a great TWO day’s it was, Saturday weather was outstanding and it really allowed the teams to go out and have some fun in great weather. And let me say that was the first time all team came in with a 8 fish limit, great job folk’s. Now Sunday was a little different once 11AM hit. Heave wind / Rain / Thunder & Some lightning. At one point I grabbed my pole and got shocked, and than the humming started. I’m glad that only lasted 20 minutes and everyone was OK.  Just a shout out to Sean & Jeff for bring home 1st place and the other 4 teams that places. Great job guy’s.  Our sponsors, Causeway   Bait and tackle. Linda thank you for all you support over the years as it really means a lot to bob and I and the club. Fish USA thank you for another great sponsorship.

To all the teams, Thanks for coming out and sharing with us your position in Crappie fishing, this means a great deal to the club as we continue to grow for  many years to come.   See you at Pymatuning.

A few comments guy’s.  The Bait shop for this weekend is the following. PLEASE USE THIS SHOP SINCE HE IS OPENING EARLY JUST FOR US


  • Party Line Beverage & Bait

  • Saved to your Map

  • Directions

  • 424 W Turkey foot Lake Rd, Akron, OH 44319

  • Phone: (330) 644-4494

RAMP LOCATION = 619 OLD state road ramps –  This is by the bait shop.

Start time = 7AM

PLEASE send this to folks not listed as I do not have the updated list yet.





Pymatuning Lake NEWS-  Wow what a day @ PYME and I did not see almost 11 LBS winning this tournament. to Harrison & Ben with the winning basket of 10lb 11,o/z and the BIG SLAB of 2.30. What a day for these guys and a great job.   I want to say THANK YOU to our sponsor DUCK & DRAKE  that supplied our baits for this tournament, See you in June.  For the rest of the teams = 24 for this event. Thank you for coming out and having a great day on the water. I love PYME and I hope you do as well.  Next week Portage Lakes event. Start time is 7AM still since folks will be coming from further locations.

WEST BRANCH NEWS – A big thank you to all 18 teams that braved the weather all day. Rain , thunder & more rain. Congrats goes out to Sean & Jeff for taking 1st place.  A really BIG THANK YOU goes out to GARY and his TEAM @ RAVENNA MARINE for hosting the weigh-in @ his awesome facility. If anyone is need of service, Parts, NEW GPS unites and even a NEW BOAT. Please contact GARY @ Ravenna Marine.

This weekend Tournament will be at West branch State park, and a  few notes to be aware of. This is the WEST RAMP / Rock Springs Road like tournaments before and that is the only ramp that will be used for this tournament. Kick off is @ 7AM, please be on time so BOB and I can pack up and get the teams off please. Also the weigh in will be held at Ravenna Marine about 8 Minutes form the ramps. Fish caught MUST be ALIVE @ the weigh in folks, if you need to get a Mr. Bubbles pump I would plan to do so too keep your fish alive.  Quit time is still 3PM and you must be @ Ravenna Marine before 3:45PM or you will be late.  If you need additional info please contact Dan or Bob. Thank You, And I’m looking for a great event this weekend as well.

Wanted to say thank you to all 26 teams that came out to fish the Mosquito Lake event this past Saturday, what a great event Saturday as a good number of Crappie were caught even with the cold front that moved in a 10-15 + North winds hitting us all day. A shout out to the team that took first place JIM & TIM great job guy’s. To all the Sponsors thank you for your dedicated partnerships for the past 7 years. A BIG SHOUT OUT TOO LINDA at Causeway Bait & Tackle for providing us her facilities last Saturday and Sponsorship. Overall a great event folks and BOB & I thank you for coming out.    Also, To the teams that released the Crappie, Thank U.


Just a quick reminder this weekend kicks off the 2017 Tournament season.     (Mosquito Lake 4/22/17) – Official ramp is Causeway Bait ramps. (7AM kick off) Also, Linda @ Causeway Bait & Tackle will be open @ 5AM for all your bait needs.

For those that have not paid a 2017 membership.  This must be paid before that start of the tournament.

Les’s Bait Marcko Landing will be open @ 6AM for your bait needs.



Spring Kick off event is soon approaching, April 8th will Kick Off the 2017 NEOCC Tournament Trail with an OPEN EVENT @ Berlin Lake. Ramp is Bonner Road ramp and the kick off is @ 7AM. Anyone interested in fishing this event  should contact Bob or Dan.  All memberships need paid in full folks so arrive early Saturday morning to get this taken care of.  For Luke & John, please arrive early to set up the check in process for the livewell check.